Boeing 20-year forecast: Asia/Pacific will need more than 400,000 pilots, technicians

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Published: September 20, 2011

Asiana Airlines 747-400 at Hong Kong International. By Rob Finlayson

The Asia/Pacific region will require hundreds of thousands of new commercial airline pilots and technicians over the next 20 years to support airline fleet modernization and the rapid growth of air travel, according to Boeing’s 2011 Pilot & Technician Outlook released Monday. The report called for 182,300 new pilots and 247,400 new technicians in the Asia/Pacific region through 2030.

The greatest need is in China, which will require 72,700 pilots and 108,300 technicians over the next 20 years, said Boeing Training & Flight Services CCO Roei Ganzarski.

“The demand for aviation personnel is evident today. In Asia we’re already beginning to see some delays and operational disruptions due to a shortage of pilots,” Ganzarski said.

“To ensure the success of our industry as travel demands grows, it is critical that we continue to foster a talent pipeline of capable and well-trained aviation personnel.”

“As an industry we must make a concentrated effort to get younger generations excited about careers in aviation. We are competing for talent with alluring hi-tech companies and we need to do a better job showcasing our industry as a global, technological, multi-faceted environment where individuals from all backgrounds and disciplines can make a significant impact,” Ganzarski said.

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