Airbus and Boeing announce May deliveries

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Published: June 9, 2012

Airbus in May delivered a total of 45 aircraft, comprising 34 A320 family, eight A330s and three A380s, down from a total of 50 deliveries in May 2011, comprised of 38 A320s, nine A330s, and three A380s.

Included among the three A380 deliveries was Malaysia Airlines’ first of the aircraft type ( ATW Daily News, May 30 ), and AirAsia’s 100 th A320 ( ATW Daily News, May 29 ).

Boeing delivered 49 total aircraft last month, with 36 737s, three 747s, two 767s and eight 777s, up from 39 in May 2011, with 33 737s, one 767, and five 777s.

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