ANA’s 787 delivery flight partially powered by biofuel

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Published: April 18, 2012

All Nippon Airways 787. Courtesy, ANA

The latest Boeing 787 to be received by All Nippon Airways (ANA) was partially powered on its delivery flight Tuesday by biofuel, marking the first time a Dreamliner has used alternative fuel.

The flight from Everett, Wash., to Tokyo Haneda used a fuel mix partly derived from used cooking oil, and marked the first transpacific biofuel flight, according to Boeing.

The manufacturer added that the flight emitted an estimated 30% fewer carbon dioxide emissions compared to “today’s similarly sized airplanes.” About a third of the reduced emissions can be attributed to the biofuel, Boeing said.

“Our historic flight using sustainable biofuels across the Pacific Ocean highlights how innovative technology can be used to support our industry’s goal of carbon-neutral growth beyond 2020,” said ANA senior executive VP Osamu Shinobe.

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