AviancaTaca says merger delivering higher than expected synergies

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Published: June 27, 2012

Computer rendering of A320neo and A320 family aircraft in Avianca and TACA liveries. Courtesy, Airbus

The merger of Colombia’s Avianca and El Salvador’s Grupo TACA into AviancaTaca (AV) has created higher than expected synergies (ATW Daily News, Oct. 8, 2009).

Chairman Roberto Kriete told ATW on the sidelines of the company’s Star Alliance joining ceremony in Bogota last week (ATW Daily News, June 21) that “60% to 70% of synergies” created by the merger have been implemented.

“By the middle of next year, we will [have] completed our 100% target of synergies,” he said, noting the synergies “could be up to 30% more” than originally anticipated.

“Most of the big challenges [of] the merger [have been] completed. For example, the different cultures of the two companies are well harmonized,” he said.

Kriete expects Star membership to create a global awareness of the AV group brand. “We [are] thinking about extending our European services,” he said, possibly to Frankfurt or Paris. But the plan is on hold due to high fuel prices.

Kriete said the group will replace its 10 Fokker 50s with either ATR or Bombardier turboprops within the next year. Its five Boeing 767-200/300 freighters (operated by its subsidiary Tampa Cargo) will be replaced by four Airbus A330-200Fs (ATW Daily News, Sept. 28, 2011).

Avianca expects delivery of its first 787 in April 2014 (ATW Daily News, March 30, 2007). Three more should join the fleet later in the year, three in 2015, three in 2016, two in 2017 and three in 2019.

Avianca operates a fleet of eight A330-200s, 25 A320s, 12 A319s, 10 A318s and 10 F50s. TACA has 18 A320s, 11 A319, five A321s and 12 E-190s in its fleet.

Earlier this year, AV firmed up an order for 33 Airbus A320neo and 18 A320 family aircraft, previously announced at the Paris Air Show (ATW Daily News, Jan. 27).

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