Lufthansa May Seek Damages For A380 Cracks

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Published: June 15, 2012

Lufthansa said it may yet demand compensation from Airbus for wing-component cracks on the A380 superjumbo, while denying a report that it had already done so.

“We are of course in talks with Airbus over the whole issue of hairline cracks. But so far it is not even clear when and how we will handle the modifications,” a spokesman for Lufthansa said.

“But we told Airbus that if additional costs arise we will have to talk about everything further.”

German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung earlier reported Lufthansa and Dubai-based Emirates were seeking compensation from Airbus for the cracks.

European air safety regulators this year ordered checks on the entire A380 fleet after engineers found cracks in almost all planes inspected.

Affected A380s could be out of service for several weeks when they undergo permanent repairs to address the cracks, according to Airbus, and Emirates has said it plans to seek compensation.

Airbus has said repairs will be made under warranty without further adjustments for disruption or the idling of A380s.

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