Northern European ANSPs form commercial cooperation alliance

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Published: June 26, 2012

Borealis Alliance CEOs: Thomas Allard (LFV), Alastair Muir (representing Richard Deakin, NATS), Davids Taurins (LGS), Raine Luojus (Finavia), Morten Dambaek (Naviair), Tanel Rautits (EANS), Knut Skaar (Avinor), Asgeir Palsson (Isavia), Eamonn Brennan (IAA). Courtesy, Avinor

Nine northern European air navigation service providers (ANSPs) have formed a commercial cooperation alliance—the Borealis Alliance—to improve efficiency, as well as reduce costs and environmental impact.

The alliance includes the ANSPs of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Norway, Sweden and the UK. Together, these nine organizations form Europe’s major transatlantic gateway, handling 3.5 million flights a year in 12.5 million sq. km. of airspace. They also make up the North European, Nordic, and UK-Ireland Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs).

The Borealis Alliance will focus on strategic business cooperation between members, looking for economies of scale to help streamline service costs and operational/technical infrastructure, as well as projects that can be achieved on a commercial basis to improve flight efficiency and reduce environmental impact. It will operate an initial proving period through 2013.

The work will complement the efforts of the individual regional FABs, but without the need for regulatory or state involvement.

In a joint statement, the CEOs of the nine ANSPs said the alliance was “a binding agreement to deliver efficiencies that we cannot achieve on our own. Its success depends on our ability to integrate joint activities across our individual business strategies and plans—and sharing control of joint activities with our partners.”

Lance Stuart has been recruited from the UK’s NATS to be the new executive director. The rest of the executive management team will be recruited over the summer.

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