Romney Accused of Airline Union Busting

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Published: August 16, 2012

An airline controlled by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital ran an illegal campaign to suppress a pilots’ union, according to a Financial Times report.

The report quotes US court and federal agency documents which, it said, reveal the unlawful union suppression at Key Airlines in the 1980s.

The newspaper said that Romney and two associates broke the law by their treatment of two pilots who who were dismissed from the company after trying to organise a union.

Bain Capital went on to sell Key Airlines at a large profit two months after a union vote failed according to the FT report.

The report quotes federal judge Roger Foley as writing in 1992: “The anti-union activities in this case are not merely unfair labour practices as Key argues, but blatant, grievous, wilful, deliberate and repeated violations of the Railway Labour Act.”

Key Airlines was a small charter airline with a contract to ferry personnel to military bases in the Nevada desert.

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