Russian Yakutia to take delivery of three Q300s this year

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Published: March 30, 2012

Russia’s Yakutia Airline (R3) will take delivery of three Bombardier Q300s this year, to be used on regional routes and replacing its Antonov An-24s. R3 did not disclose its leasing partner and previous aircraft operators but said the age of its fleet will not exceed 10 years.

An airline spokesperson said the Q300’s fuel consumption is 45% lower than the An-24 and that the Canadian turboprops can operate in severe conditions of the Russian North, as well as land on ground runways.

The carrier, based in the Yakutia region, has one of the biggest territories in the country, making it important for the carrier to develop a regional network.

In 2011, R3 carried 1.1 million passengers; 193,000 passengers carried were on regional routes, which make up 42% of the airline’s regional network.

The carrier operates five Boeing 737NGs, five 757-200s, one 757-200 freighter, three Tupolev Tu-154s, four Antonov An-140s and 11 An-24s/26s.

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